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I want my readers to be fully aware that how I turn my Father’s health around can teach others that they can turn others or even yourself around in whatever fashion to live a better life and do what others say can’t be done.

Most people unfortunately are negative so that is why you do not hear about this very much So be positive and read through this content and you will get things done.

What I did has help many people through the years.

It has help:

1. the pubic who watch it help understand anything is possible and has help them turn themselves around in one way or another.

2. It helped and taught the nursing home my Father was in what can be done. Today they used what they learned watching on others. Today in their meetings on how to get others to work they use my tactics.

3. I gave my notes to a person on how to get her Father out of depression. Two months later she called me back to say It worked. Her Father wasn’t depress anymore.

4. These tactics I used repaired my Father’s brain that was shrinking fast.

So if you take this seriously what you read on this website you most likely see results.

I will post some products on this site not only to help myself but to help you and others you may help you to get things done.

3 responses on “Affiliate Disclaimer

  1. Peter

    i am going to say yes, because my mom dpperod out of high school and got her GED and now she is a registered nurse.. but state laws could be diff. in your state but i dont think so, bacause my mom is guarnteed a job in any state if she moves according to her nursing license.

    1. Brian Lanza

      Try to keep your Mother thinking positive. I glad to here that she is a register nurse. If your Mom would like to educate herself and become in a higher position in nursing tell her she can do it. Nothing is impossible. When there is a will there is a way. Also tell her whoever she is working for if they see she is motivated to do better employers recognize a hard worker. If ever she had to go another place for whatever reason that would be good and may receive a higher pay. If you work hard today ,you will reap your rewards for tomorrow. When there is a will there is a way. Don’t ever tell yourself you can’t do it.

      1. Brian Lanza

        No My Mother was not a nurse. I remind here all the time. about thinking positive. I tell her look how far my Father got by thinking positive and look how far you getting by thinking negative. I take to therapy and she doesn’t like it. I tell her look Dad did a lot of therapy and he reap his rewards for doing it. You want to go places and do things you have to work for it like he did. She tells me I am putting this website how I turn my Father around. How about building one how I murdered your Mother. Someone told me yes if you made a website I get a lot of hits All jokes aside wether she likes it or not I am always throwing the positive at her

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