How To Keep Your Active When You Are Disable

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                                           How To Keep Your Active When You Are Disable

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Need a Reason to Live


Everyone no matter what your condition maybe has to have a reason to live. They need to be able to do something to feel useful. If they don’t they become depress, feel useless, give up, and eventually may die earlier than if they did something that made them feel useful.


Let Me Give You an Example


My Father had Huntington’s disease.  He was force to retire. The doctors said he would not stand within three months and be a vegetable within the year. He became depress and asked why he should even try anymore. He said he felt useless. He was going to give up. There was no sense to even try. He explain to me he wanted to feel useful but there wasn’t anyway.

So I am a self-employed landscaper, so I took him to work with me. He was talking one word sentences I gave him things to remember. He started reminding me. Then he started giving me orders. He then started talking full sentences. His confidence was building up. He was doing what most normal people do. Get up in the morning and go to work as he had done all his life. He said “see what you would do without me?” He felt needed. He lost that depression he had and did more as time went on. He never became that vegetable lived a normal life, doing everything for himself for 12 more years and I was told it repaired his brain. They learned if you work your brain hard enough the brain has a way of repairing itself.


Finding Ways to Stay Active

There are people who have problems physically getting around and maybe tied down at home, some people may have problems thinking fast but would like to be able to do something. Even people in nursing homes get depress because they haven’t anything to do or look forward to. So they play games to keep their minds active.


Times Have Change Here is a Way


Today age we have computers and so today there are programs where all you need to do is click advertisements and get paid.  There are other you can add some money in, click on ads and watch your money grow each hour. That will help your health a lot.  So for the person who cannot get around or may not be able to do much can do this. Clicking an advertisement is like playing a game and you get paid for doing it. At the same time you are keeping your mind active.  That makes the person feel useful; earning money makes you feel good and in turn helps you with your health no matter what your health condition maybe.


Here is A List Of Things To Try


So here are some things you may sign up for. These programs can do more with them if you are mentally able to but if not you can just click on ads