Preparing and Preventing Accidents

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Preparing and Preventing Accidents

Person Slipping

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You have to have a method for when there is an accident you can help the person as soon as possible. If you don’t you can discourage the person to want to continuing to try to do things. You need to prepare yourself for all accidents that occur. You don’t want the person to lose their confidence and the will to do things

Preparing For A fall

first aid kit

When we went out for a walk and he say trip and skin something and was bleeding. I always had a fanny pack around my waist. In that fanny pack I had a first aid kit. I had rubbing alcohol , I poured in a small bottle band aids, cotton balls, and also had weather proof bandages that stop the bleeding and were weather proof so if they got wet ,they would not come off. I was able take care of the cut right away without drawing attention to everyone. Remember the person your caring for may get embarrass if they draw attention to the pubic or if they had to ask for help anyway on the outside. That could discourage them to continue doing things.

Keeping Them From Feeling Embarrassed

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It can be very embarrassing to a person when they cannot control themselves before they can get to a bathroom. You don’t want to discourage them from going out and doing things because they may have to go to the bathroom. I took my Father to work with me. I work outside people’s homes. I took him everywhere not just to work. His concern to me was he would be embarrassed if he wet his pants. Where ever he went I had with me a plastic bag that he urinated in and need be the other direction as well. We would find a place that hid us as much as possible.  Then after he went we threw the bag away at the nearest trash can I used the side of our plastic bags newspapers are delivered in and larger trash bags if he went the other direction. That way he did not feel bad about going out and doing things everywhere. You may find a few people who may object but on the whole you are going to hear more positive feedback than anything. As they say there is always one in a crowd.

Preventing A Fall In The House  

Person slipping on a rug

The small rugs in your house may slip or slide around especially if someone who has a handicap and is not steady on their feet. So if you put rug gripper under those rugs that will prevent them from sliding, which may prevent an accident?

Safety in a Car

images (1).jpgseat blet ajuster 2

People who have a lot of movements when they get in a car may slide down. If you but a safety belt on them, the belt strap maybe up on their neck. So if the driver stops fast it could choke them. So you wonder what to do. Well, most people don’t realize there is a seat belt adjuster used mostly for children but will hold adults up as well. Today with a lot of SUV’s the floor to the seat is a distance. This will help the person to stay up and stay safe, as for the parking is also useful to use high friction surface paint from to prevent accidents too.

Bathroom Problems When In a Wheelchair

Man in a wheelchair

When my Father was in a big reclining wheel chair they did not think I could take him out anyone. I could not change his dipper. He would not wear a catheter it hurt. So I had the nursing home double dipper him before he left. That did the trick most of the time. I also feed him earlier so he would go to the bathroom before he left. He enjoyed every outing which kept him going because he had a reason to live

Keeping Them from Being Discourage Doing Things

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I wanted to keep my Father up to going places and doing things. You don’t want to discourage them. They will end up feeling hopeless There were times that without any warning he went to the bathroom in his pants. He was embarrassed. I wanted him not to get discourage. So wherever we went I had a bag with an extra set of clothes, wash cloths, soap, and drying towels and clean him up change his clothes and went on living as nothing had happened. I never brought up the subject again. You want to keep up the person’s will. Remember, it is as hard on them as it is you.

Please Prepare Yourself

So I stress to you to prepare yourself for any accidents ahead of time . It will make it easier on everyone and you all will be able to enjoy a more quality of life. It is just as hard on one as it is the other.

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