The Power of Dressing Well

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                                           The Power of Dressing Well


It is amazing how the mind reacts and how much the mind retains if you dress up. It is very powerful.


Dress is more powerful than most people think. You would be amazed what you can get and at times receive just by the way you dress.

I bring this up because when my Father was ill we received more respect and achieved more in direct relation to the way we dress

You act the way you dress. Through the years when my Father and I went places and he made an effort to do something.  One comment was I bet he was something in his hay day, because of the way we were dress.


When we went to the Theater


When we went to the theater and because he moved a lot, the manager said because of the way your dressed we could have box seats.


Traveling on an airplane


When we bought economy seats on an airplane and we were in white dress shirts and navy blue blazers and because of his difficulties, they put us in first class without our asking, at any extra charge.


Dress code in School


When I was in High School the dress code changed and allowed the students to wear blue jeans, shorts, and tee shirts. When that happened then the students demanded coffee,   candy, and soda machines which at that time was against state law. They got them all. Then a talking study hall and a juke box. The end result since the students were in control the teachers were not able to  teach. Everything went out of control and it all started with the dress code. To prove a point: I personally never change the way I dress. I went to high school dressed in a dress shirt, dress pants, pair of dress shoes. My teachers treated me with more respect than they did my follow students. I wanted to prove a point about dress. So three times, two months apart, I went to school in blue jeans and sneakers dressed like the rest of the students. Those days I was not treated with the same respect by my teachers as I was when I was dressed up.


Dressing Him Up When He Was Sick



When my Father was in a nursing home he was in the big reclining wheel chair. When I took him out each week I dressed him in a white turtle neck and a navy blue blazer and dress pants. I refused to let him out any other way.    Because he was dressed the numbers of people that walked up to talk to him increased and that interaction meant a lot. Because he was dressed up, he didn’t look as sick as he actually was. So if I asked for help, people helped me without any hesitation. If he were in sweatpants as the nurses wanted to leave him in, people would have stayed away from us. He would have looked so sick that people would not have wanted to chance helping us. He would never have had the inter action of people talking to him. He also might have acted differently showing how sick he was. But he did not act as if he was sick. Why you may ask? You act the way you dress.

I never walked in the nursing home without a dress shirt and blazer. I meant business. I never would have gotten all I did if I wasn’t dressed up.


When I go to Seminars


I go to seminars explaining to people what and how I turned my Father around with Huntington Disease. I go in a business suit. I bring things in and explain how things can be done. I have blown people’s minds. What I say has left an impression, and I am asked if I am a doctor at times. I have had people come back to me years later remembering what I said and tell me they are using it. If I had said everything the same in blue jean or any casual dress, I am convinced people would not have taken my words as seriously and would have   gotten as much out of me and would not have remembered what I said.   They would not have asked me more questions about how things were done. I haven’t gone to a seminar yet I haven’t blown someone’s mind. I know that the way I was dress made it more professional looking and has made the difference and I change many lives that would never have changed if I was not dressed up.


So if you want people to treat you above the norm, get things people say you can’t get, you want to act right,  to impress others. Then dress up. The way most people dress today you will stand out and get things others can’t get.

Dress is more powerful than you can believe.

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