How to let Frustrations Out

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How to let Your Frustrations Out

Care taking can be both rewarding and frustrating.At times you feel like the person is pulling your hair out. In order to be a good caretaker you have to keep your mind clear and without hurting the mind of the person you’re caring for. Frustrated women

What Not To Do

When you are a caretaker there are times you ask them to do something and they won’t do it for you. You may think if you raise your voice that may emphasize it and they may do it for you. Think again. What you are doing is you are letting out your frustrations out on the person you are caring for. When you let the frustrations out on the person you are caring for you are hurting them. When you hurt them you hurt yourself. But you are human and you need a way of letting it out. This is what you can do.

What To Do

Go away from the person you are caring for and get a chair and a newspaper. Take the newspaper and roll it up length wise so it is like a baseball bat. Take the paper and start hitting the chair and start to talk whether it is raising you voice saying what you wanted to say to the person you are caring for until you feel good inside yourself. When you feel good inside yourself you may stop. You just let everything out and no one was hurt.
At times I did not have the time or place to do that so I did this

How I Let My Frustrations Out

I took a bath every night. I sat in the bath tub and looked at the wall and vision someone. That person I vision I let that person have it. I said what I might have wanted to say to my Father and didn’t stop until I felt good. I let everything out and no one was hurt.

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  1. Mae Mayeux

    I would like to use the clip art image of the lady pulling her hair out in one of my blogs to demonstrate the frustration bed and breakfast innkeepers feel about social media. I will of course give you credit. Please advise if I can do that.
    Thank you,
    Mae Mayeux

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