The Power of God

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It is amazing how you put your mind to thinking that your God may be able to help and if you show and pray to your God how things may happen. Most everyone has there own God to look up to don’t be shy talk to him, pray to him in whatever forms your beliefs allow. The power of prayer


People told me God does things in mysterious ways.

I was two months premature. I was legally dead for one minute twenty nine seconds. When I was a child I struggled doing things. But I never gave up. I had to prove to people I could do what I was told I couldn’t. I prove them wrong time after time through the years. My Father had Huntington’s disease and was told he would not be able to walk within three months and be a vegetable within the year.  There was no way around it. I said I heard that my whole life. With the experience I went through I used and turned my Father completely around and he never became that vegetable. A women who knew me from birth told me that told her why I pulled through and why I went through what I did. I was being taught what I taught my Father. God had a plan and a reason for my survival


I took the Dale Carnegie course three years before I would be helping my Father. At the time I took the course I did not know what I was going to be up against three years later. I was the only person that said I could succeed in the course. I won awards for the best speech out of 40 students and the teacher said I was the leader of the class. That course taught me how to get things done in every way, shape, and form to get the job done with my Father. When I look back. I say to myself God had me take that course and succeed in it for more than I knew. He was preparing me for what task he had for me ahead I did not know about


After I turned my Father around I was told to get away. I needed a break from both parents. I went to Israel. I wanted to go to Israel because I heard how moving it was to walk where Christ walked. I wanted to experience it. I experience more than I dreamt. When I arrived at the Wailing Wall the tour guide said, “If there is anyone here that need help in any way, (he look at me and said) including disease, write it down on a piece of paper, stick it in the wall, and God may help you.” I burst into tears. In tears I wrote, “God thank you for helping me turn my Father around but God please  let my Father be able to do things and enjoy life to his very last breath. Please don’t allow him to become a vegetable like his Mother once was.” My tears fell on that paper and the ink smeared. I stuck that paper in the wall and cried for 5 minutes at the wall. For 20 more minutes I cried in the bus. The people who were on the bus said to me. I know it was hard but you knew you had to do it.     He did things, enjoyed doing them to his very last breath.

The next day after, I wrote that. I was in like a museum but wasn’t called one. I was reading something under some paintings and my group I thought left for another room. When I left the room and there was a long hallway. My group just turned the corner of that hallway and I had the hallway to myself. I look down the hallway and walked two or three steps. I could not walk any further. At the end of the hallway was a picture of God.  God eyes yellow light came out of his eyes into mind like star wars. The power of God was all around me I could not move. My hair was standing up. It reminded me of the ten commandments when Moses went up the mountain and stood in the yellow light The flaming wall where God was when he spoke to Moses was in front of me. I said in tears. “God thank you for helping me turn my Father around. But God Please give me the strength and knowledge and everything I need to do the job until the day he dies.” He said in the same tone he spoke to Moses “I will you just do it and I will guide you.” That he did. I knew I was doing more than I knew I was doing myself with the reactions of numbers of people watching with disbelief  When I was in bed I ask God for help or questions I receive those answers and help. People could not understand how I was doing it and where I was getting my answers. They could not understand how I didn’t fall on my face. God gave me whatever I needed. I was not able to tell anyone until four years after my Father died. Why, because God wouldn’t want me to brag and people would I think I was playing God on them.


So I stress to talk to you God. It can’t hurt and it may help.

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