Exercise ‘as effective as drugs’ for common diseases

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It has long been established that regular exercise is beneficial for health in general, but researchers now think exercise is “potentially as effective” as drug intervention, and they suggest it “should be considered as a viable alternative to, or alongside, drug therapy.” For a drug addiction help click here for more info.

Women walking with dumbells on the beach

Back in the early 1980’s my Father’s body was a stick. He was walking small steps to the side, talking one word sentences, was shaking, and was told in Jan. 1990 he would not stand up within three months and be a vegetable within the year. His brain would continue to shrink. There was no way around it.

Think again

I force my Father to walk half our block each night. He was walking small steps to the side. It took him 35 to 40 minutes but he did it

He was talking one word sentences. I had him trying to talk as we were walking

I had him use his hands. I said let us use those shakes.

I am a self-employed landscaper and I took him to work. I gave him things to remember. It was important. It was business. He started reminding me. He was starting to remind me daily from day to day and even next week. He exercised that memory. That exercising I believe kept his memory better than the memory medicine. In later years the doctor cut back the amount of memory medicine but he never lost it because he was always using it. He was proud to remind you of whatever.

Then he started walking more. He did little things on the job. We started walking more all the time. I never did anything handicap. Then I had him treading water in a pool. He starting out treading water for 15 minutes and over time he was treading water between 2.5 and 3 hours non stop.

Six months later he asked to go to London.  He and I were the only ones that said it could be done. He went each day he started walking a little straighter and a little faster. He came home walking straight as a stick fast as can be. He got his appetite back and was taken off all his appetite medicine and half his medicine for his shakes and did even better.

In two years with all the physical and mental therapy he got all the mussels back in his legs and arms a pot belly and lived a normal life doing things for himself, for 12 more years

Ten years later they said I repaired his brain

Activity is the best medicine not what comes from the drug store!